Systems I Use and Endorse

Put The Power of Leverage To Work For You


The premier All-in-one business management tool!

  • Create personal websites
  • Develop unlimited sales funnels
  • Automated email and text marketing
  • Sales pipeline management system
  • Easy to use client booking calendar

Home Based Business Lead Source

  • Real Time National Leads
  • Real Time Local Leads
  • Free Prospecting Training
  • Real Time Female Leads
  • Business Opportunity Leads

Face Everything And Rise

My journey to living in joy and leading with love

This is my journey into learning how to live life in joy and making a decision that caused me to always lead with love. I haven’t always been in alignment with this focus. I struggled a lot and during a portion of my life I lived in misery. I wasn’t always as in love with life as I am as I write this. I sought out other’s approval of me more than I listened to myself. Through it all I learned to face everything and rise. Trust me, if I can get to where I am today, you can too! Implementing just a few practical things in your life, can bring you there too.